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Finally! An Interactive Video Guide and E-book that gives you all the tips, tricks, secrets and everything you need to know about your iPod!

The fastest, easiest ipod guide, watch simple video demonstrations. No confusing manuals!
Using the proven Video demonstration "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Do" method, you’ll be amazed by how quickly you will know how to perform task like adding DVD Movies to your ipod, music, photo, and creating i-mixes to share with friends and even make your own pod-cast, with our video guide and e-book.
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First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer support. I am a complete newbie to this whole Mp3 thing, with your Step by Step Video Tutorials I was able to get my first movie in my Mp3 Player. I have purchased Other Guides that promise the world and deliver the gutter. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful! I just purchased my iPod mp3 player & only had a few of my CDs on here, I needed to know how to put them onto my ipod and a good a place where I can download anything I want with a flat fee. I mean seriously who is going to spend all that money trying to fill up there pod? Once again thank you for your service.

Your service is the BOMB! I was able to put my favorite Videos onto my ipod in minutes . I will tell all my friends about your web site, its truly an asset to the iPod community!

Get access to more than 40 topics!  For iPod Shuffle, Nano and iPod Video

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If you've bought an iPod or are planning on it, you may just use it to play some of your favorite tunes. But these tiny machines are actually much more powerful than that! If you're not using all the functions of your iPod, you're not getting your money's worth!

It's time for those of you who are not tech-geeks or anyone else for that matter to learn all the secrets about... "The Incredible iPod!" With "The Only iPod Guide You Will Ever Need"
"Wouldn't you love to get more out of your iPod in ways you never thought possible?"
Wouldn't it be great to maximize all the true power of this device? For instance, did you know you can hook your IPod up to your car stereo, TV or plug in a guitar and record yourself playing? These are just a couple of the many uses some IPod owners never even try! Why? 'Cause they didn't know about them!  Did you know...

...Your IPod is not just a 'Music Player'...
It's an all-in-one entertainment device!

You bring your new IPod home and you start playing with all the buttons. You figure out how to load some songs. Now, don't stop there and think that's all there is to it!  There is much more power there then you ever imagined!

"The Only iPod Guide You Will Ever Need" Only iPod Guide You Will Ever Need" will show you how to capture the hidden benefits of owning an IPod so you'll never regret having one. You'll love what you can do with this gadget after you discover all the "techy tricks you would never notice otherwise. And you can start in just minutes! But that not all We provide you with information about how to solve any ipod problem? Yes if you don't find the answer to your question simply use our contact help link and one of our trained professional will be happy to assist you in getting the answers. I like having a close friend you can call on when ever you need help..... We offer you the best superior service your questions are answered within Hours Not Days like some so call help support services. We know when you want to enjoy your ipod and you have an aching question you want it answered NOW.... Not Tomorrow and that the service you will get when you get "The Only iPod Guide You Will Ever Need"

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside "Our Ultimate iPod Guide ":

Protecting Your iPod
My iPod Has Froze... What to do? (Shows you what to do when your ipod Freezes or is stuck at one screen)
Which Files Work With iPod and iTunes
Supported Video Formats
H.264 or MPEG-4: Which is better?
Watch iPod Videos on Your TV
Watch your own home-made videos on your ipod (of weddings, parties, any event can be viewed on your ipod)
Create Hot party Mixes with your ipod - Shuffle, Nano or Video ipod (Play them on your home or car stereo)
H.264 to MPEG-4 Size Comparison
Testing for iPod Compatibility
Places to Download iPod Videos
Converting Videos with QuickTime Pro or iTunes
My Video’s Sound is Out-of-Sync with the Picture
DVD to iPod Video with HandBrake (Mac) or Videora (Windows)
Optimizing HandBrake for TV Output
If HandBrake Doesn’t Properly Recognize Your DVD
Battery Life: Compression & You
TiVo to iPod Video with Virtual PC
Legal Places to Get iPod Music and Videos
How to use multiple iPods with one computer
Manually adding and removing songs of playlist
Managing content manually on iPod
Featured Monthly Articles: From Email We Receive From Our Readers (Below are some of the topics of our feature articles)

My hard drive crashed and I lost all the music I ripped from my CD collection. Is there any way to get the songs from my iPod back to my PC? I don't want to spend hours re-ripping all my songs.

  • If you think an Ipod is just a portable music player, you're not doing it nearly enough justice.

  • The scoop on "special edition ipods.

  • If you haven't already bought an Ipod, you might be better off picking up an Ipod mini.

  • Just how much space should you expect from your digital music player? You won't believe it!

  • Turn your Ipod into a ready radio station by shuffling through your favorite songs.

  • Find out how people all over the world are using their ipods for things OTHER than music...and how you can too!

  • 28 languages that are supported by the Ipod!

  • How the Ipod is smarter than the "Walkman" players of old (and knows when you're listening and when you're not)

  • The secret to keeping your Ipod free from scratching and other harmful elements..

  • Tips and tricks for adding your Ipod to your car stereo for listening on the go.

  • Find out who can help you hook up your keyboard, guitar, or microphone to make your own quality recordings.

  • The secrets to protecting your Ipod from theft and prying eyes (including one service Apple offers for free!)

  • "Itunes" and its popularity

  • Things you can do at the Itunes store to enhance your Ipod experience.

  • Tools the Ipod gives parents to limit what their kids can listen to.

  • 50 Ipod shortcuts that you will use daily...for each and every button! Throw out your manual and get your hands on this valuable information now! This alone is worth the price of admission!

  • Websites you should visit to maximize the power of your ipod.


"You don't have to be a 'techy' to maximize your iPod's power!"

Have you ever bought something, like a new car or new kitchen device, and months or even years later, someone come by and introduces you to a feature that you never knew existed?

There are so many features and gadgets and settings on today's modern devices. Sometimes it feels like you need to take a whole course in "gadgetology" just to make sure you can use them!

That's what this guide does for you.  Sure, your manual might tell you about some features, bit it WILL NOT tell you everything! There are a lot of people all over the world who are finding unique uses for their Ipods which never show up in the user's manual. These added powers are packed into this special online-guide.
Now that large investment you made in your Ipod (more than $100, $200, $300?) won't go to waste. The research has been done and complied into one tell all online-resource to make sure you get the most for your money. Get instant access for only $25.00 for a limited time get full access and instant download for only $9.95 (Register Now Limited Time Offer Until 28 February 2007)
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